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自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第1篇

My name is Guo xx, 12 years old this year, graduated from Phoenix Nest primary school. My family lives in Yifeng small district. My father is a worker of Jianghuai Heavy Industry and my mother is an accountant.

I didnt do well in this graduation exam. Although the composition of the Chinese this encounter is my mother let me back, I am still relatively satisfied with myself, the test points, the score is still similar, but in the future also have to work on reading comprehension; Math exam because careless read a big question wrong, so only 87 points. I hope that in the future, with the help of teachers and their own efforts, the careless little villain can be eliminated; English because some questions can not do, so only 85 points, the future I want to remember more words, recite more sentence forms, and strive to raise the score. I like playing chess, and my favorite is Go. In this summer vacation, Mr. Yang took us to participate in the Shanxi Provincial Childrens Go Championship, and I ranked 13th among more than 250 people in the province and successfully promoted to the second amateur section. I like painting. I have been practicing all kinds of painting since I was a child. My favorite painting is Chinese painting.

In general, my advantage is that I love to use my brain, like to play some puzzle games; His disadvantage is that he is a little careless and not good at sports. I hope I can get help from teachers and students after coming to Jincheng No. 10 Middle School. Thank you.




自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第2篇

Hello everybody,Im am a lively and lovely like sports very much,such as usually play badminton with my classmates together after class.

Playing badminton is not only physical exercise,and harvest can get more joy in love studying, is my favourite I have a dream,a great is to study I work hard for my dream to learn English also like other feel that learning is a pleasure,isnt it?In short,I am a love life,love of is a true self.



自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第3篇

Hello,everyone. Im honored to introduce myself here. My name is XXX,and I am a student of XXX middle school. My hobby is watching English movies and Japanese cartoons. Im very popular among my friends. Im always ready to help people in trouble.

My English is very good,because I always believe that where there is a will,there is a way. I keep studying every day. I hope I can communicate with foreigners one day.

This is all. thank you!




自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第4篇

I am a very cheerful and lively girl,it can be said that I have never been unhappy or unhappy,even if there is only a short time. I am eager to learn everything,dance,singing,playing guzheng everything,but not good at math,English these two subjects. After junior high school,I no longer want to take these two courses,I think junior high school math and English are relatively simple,I began to try my best to make myself like these two subjects,so that my performance can keep up with the classmates.

I am best at playing the guzheng,I am very glad that I have the perseverance to learn the guzheng for about five years,and have a pair of guzheng players. I like guzheng,from time to time play a piece of music,pluck the strings,beautiful music will wander in my room.

I am now a junior high school student,so I want to focus on learning,only Sunday when finishing homework will play the guzheng,neither behind the study,and will not let their skills rusty. I hope that I can improve my playing level at the same time,my learning can also progress.

This is me,a very enthusiastic girl.





自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第5篇

Hello,everyone! Nice to meet you ! My name is xx, I am fifteen years old . I am in class xx,xxschool. As you see, I am a boy(haha),I am not so tall and not so I like very sport,for example,I like playing bing-bong ball、basketball、football and so on. Not only I like sport,but also I like learning, like math、 like reading .I want to be a Scientists. Thank you.

自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第6篇

Hello everyone, I am excited to be studying with everyone in junior high school.

My name is xx, and I am a xx year old boy. Why do I call him a boy? Because my heart is still very weak and has not been honed by time.

To introduce myself to everyone, I am actually very difficult because I dont know myself very well. When others are serious, I may always be happy and optimistic, but deep down in my heart, I often feel sad, anxious, troubled, and even give up on things! I believe that happiness comes only from suffering. Life is like two glasses of wine, one bitter wine, and one sweet wine, just depending on which one you drink first.

Life can be divided into seven stages: childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, middle age, and old age. We are in our youth, which is the time to shape our life values and goals. The main determining factors of who we will become in the future will occur in the next three years, so I am looking forward to my junior high school life in the future.

I like to reminisce about my childhood, the countless joys it brought me; And I aspire to become an adult as soon as possible, because as an adult, I can do what I enjoy and no longer be constrained or constrained by others.

Myself introduction is quite brief. Do you want to call me friends? Thank you!







自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第7篇

Hello everybody,I'm .I am a lively and lovely girl/ like sports very much,such as usually play badminton with my classmates together after ing badminton is not only physical exercise, and harvest can get more joy in love studying,ish is my favourite use I have a dream,a great is to study I work hard for my dream to learn English also like other feel that learning is a pleasure,isn't it?

In short,I am a love life, love of is a true self.

自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第8篇

I am a very cheerful and lively girl, it can be said that I have never been unhappy or unhappy, even if there is only a short time. I am eager to learn everything, dance, singing, playing guzheng everything, but not good at math, English these two subjects. After junior high school, I no longer want to take these two courses, I think junior high school math and English are relatively simple, I began to try my best to make myself like these two subjects, so that my performance can keep up with the classmates.

I am best at playing the guzheng, I am very glad that I have the perseverance to learn the guzheng for about five years, and have a pair of guzheng players. I like guzheng, from time to time play a piece of music, pluck the strings, beautiful music will wander in my room.

I am now a junior high school student, so I want to focus on learning, only Sunday when finishing homework will play the guzheng, neither behind the study, and will not let their skills rusty. I hope that I can improve my playing level at the same time, my learning can also progress.

This is me, a very enthusiastic girl.





自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第9篇

I am X years old, a tiger, and a little brother, although my mother always nags me to eat fish and meat, hoping that I am a tiger; But I look like a bean sprout, tall and thin; And on the bridge of the nose also put x pair of glasses, called _little Doctor_! How can you be a tiger like this?

I love swimming, I like x frogs in the swimming pool, swimming freely in the pool, playing a variety of positions; At the beginning of the light on the square there is my graceful, nimble skating figure; Seeing the envious eyes of others, they are more excited to play difficult actions.

I like to play, but I love reading and learning. I have many books, of which _Mosquito and Lion_, _Chinese Childrens Encyclopedia_ is my favorite. _Mosquito and Lion_ told me: dont be nervous, afraid; As long as you think more, calm, brave, anything can be met and solved. _The Chinese Childrens Encyclopedia_ told me: the biting mosquito is a female mosquito, the luminous firefly is a male firefly, it also inspired people to invent fluorescent lamps, saving a lot of electricity... In short, the knowledge in the book is too rich, I still need to explore more.

What I love most is learning, no matter what subject I learn with relish, occasionally gossip in class, but 99% of the concentration of listening to the class will also actively, raised my hand to speak.

I will try my best to correct my shortcomings and continue to develop my advantages. Am I happy to meet such a lively and lovely person? Were gonna be good friends!






自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第10篇

My name is XXX, and Im 17 years old. I graduated from XXX middle school, which is one of the best middle schools in my city. Its campus is as beautiful as ours.

My favorite subject is mathematics, because it is a complex subject, which makes many students crazy. But I am a student who likes challenges. When I solve a math problem, I can feel a great sense of achievement.

In addition, I like all kinds of extracurricular activities, because they can bring me a rich and colorful life. In my opinion, learning is only a part of our life, so we should not be bound by it. Most importantly, Im glad to be your classmate. I hope we can study and play together.




自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第11篇

Hello everyone. My name is xx. I am a student of Grade eight . I am an outgoing , lovely girl and I am so welcomed by my friends and my

t friend, xiao hai. She is very interesting and lovely too. She often tells funny stories and always make me laugh. We often play together. I like action movies. I think they are exciting and interesting. I often go to the movies with my friends on weekends. I can aslo play the violin and have won many prizes in the competitions. I take violin lessons twice a week. It is a little hard for me but I am very happy , because I have a dream. I want to be a great violinist one day.

Thank you.

自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第12篇

Hello,every one!

My name is Xu Chen .

I'm a 13 years old .

I live in the beautiful city of MeiZhou.

There are 3 people in my are my father,my mother, and me. My father is a teacher works in a school mother is in home. She is do housework. I like playing chess and reading books. This is me .A sunny boy.

自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第13篇

Hello everyone,my name is xxx. I am xx years old and graduated from xxxx Primary School. I am a smart,kind,upright,and responsible student. In my six years of primary school life,I have served as the deputy team leader,Chinese class representative,mathematics class representative,English class representative,and electronic education administrator. As a class leader,I have strong organizational and coordination skills,and can excellently complete various tasks assigned by the teacher; I love learning,use my brain,and have strong hands-on skills. In addition to completing my studies diligently,I actively delve into computer knowledge and have initially mastered computer maintenance skills,becoming a good helper for school teachers;

I enjoy cultural and sports activities,love natural sciences,and have studied painting,piano,swimming,and badminton. In the school sports meet,I participated in mid to long distance running events and achieved good rankings multiple times. In the blink of an eye,I have become a middle school student in the first year of junior high school. In my heart,I am very eager to meet more classmates,make more friends,and study happily with my peers in the new school.



自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第14篇

My name is ,Im 12 years come from primary school. I think Im a kind and confident girl. I like all the subject that I will learn this year,and I try my best to lear English well all the time.

I like listening to pop songs and singing. Ive been learning dance for 4 years. I think these hobby will be good for my future. I got on well with my classmates and my teachers when I was in the primary school, Im glad to meet all the people in our s be friends!



自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第15篇

Im from class 1. I am a girl/boy of 13. My family including my father, mother and me. I like basketball best. In addition, I also like table tennis. My favorite food is carrots. Im also very interested in snacks. What, Im good at computer. Using the computer E-mail, shopping and even solve my problems in the study and the life is so convenient. So I put my computer as my good helper. As for reading, Ive read about magic novel.

Nice to meet you! I sincerely hope to make friends with you.



自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第16篇

Hello!My name is Liu Ya am a Chinese am am a middle school.

I like autumn,the ground is covered with fallen like basketball,but I dislikes very love sit in the like sduty,sing and shopping, think I am a happy family is not e are my parents,my two brother and g the eldest,I must look after my desire was to become a writer.



自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第17篇

Hello everyone, I am Xiao Wei, I am 11 years old, graduated from Shenzhen Chunlei Primary School, studying in Shenzhen Senior High School, I am a lively and lovely boy.

I am about to step into the gate of junior high school, my heart is very yearning, before I have not graduated, I am very yearning for junior high school life, I often think, junior high school is what it is like, maybe this problem can only be solved after the beginning of school!

I also have many interests. I like to play the guitar and often play some music. I also like to play basketball and table tennis. In primary school, I once participated in the basketball competition organized by the school and got the first grade result for my class. In our community, I often go to the community table tennis table tennis, in our community, I play table tennis very well. Every time I go to the Olympic Games, I must watch these two sports.

My personality is very gentle, in primary school I get along well with my classmates and teachers. At school, whenever a classmate is in trouble, I always go to help. At school, my classmates and teachers also like me very much.

In the coming junior high school life, I hope to live together with you, grow together!






自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第18篇

Hi,everybody,My name is Li Qing,12 years old. I come from Dongfeng Dong Road Primary School,Yuexiu District. I was the only child,but I am a happy gir. I like sports,especially like playing badminton. And I studied very hard. I often have to A.

This is me. I hope we can become friends.



自我介绍范文初中学生英语 第19篇

Hello,everyone. Now please allow me to do an introduction. My name is Li Lei. Im 14 year old. My birthday is on October 11th. My favourite book is twilight. I really love to read the books about vampires. My hobby is singing. Some people say Im a good favourite singer is Justin think he is a great singer. I love to sing his songs.

Besides singing, I love shopping very much. If I have time, I will go shopping with my ’m really good at English, if you have any questions, you can ask me, I will do my best to help you. We can be the best friends forever. Thank you.